All right I kept my promise of continuing this blog, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do it on a daily basis but I’ll try.

So I have a new iPad that suspose to be really powerful, what can I do with it? code something duh! The main problem is iPadOS while the hardware is really powerful (allegedly) I think there are not enough tools for me to test it.

So… I’ll try to use what I have at my disposal which is Swift Playgrounds, which is kind of like a lite version of XCode. I think I can use it to learn SwiftUI and Swift which for what I look are quite similar to Kotlin.

I’m not completly sure what I would like to do as a side project, but probably it would be something related to D&D or ML. BTW there is an upcoming version of Swift Playgrounds that it would be more robust. Let’s hope I can test it sooner that later.